WWD Drop Landing

'Drops & Elbows' is where we group typical gravity drainage assemblies used in manhole and building connections. These are commonly assemblies that are cast into manhole structures and used to control flows in chambers. Typically tight bends (elbows) are only used where there is a vertical or straight drop, therefore very limited risk of blockages occurring.  

These assemblies are made to order and generally match the DSD standard drawings for manhole intake designs. Some dimensions in the tables are given as "≥ xxx" meaning the dimension must be greater than or equal to the given number (this is the smallest dimension we can make).  So designers and contractors can have the fitting tailored to suit their application at order placement.  

All fittings are factory fabricated using butt welding in accordance with DSD PS Appendix 5A, Clause 5.4 DSD PS Appendix 5A

For large radius bends used in horizontal applications click here