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Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings For Water

We specialise in supplying Blue and Purple PE100 RC Polyethylene pipes and fittings for pressurised water systems in Hong Kong. Our pipe and spigot fittings are designed by our team to fully comply with the latest versions of BS EN 12201 and the requirements of the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department (WSD) PS Appendix 22.09. Mill-Pro pipes and spigot fittings are manufactured using our own tooling under our team's direct supervision and inspection.

Our electrofusion fittings are exclusively supplied by Aliaxis Group, the parent company of Friatec Germany. Friatec is largest electrofusion (EF) supplier to Hong Kong and have been selling in Hong Kong since 2006. Friatec are the world’s largest producer of Electrofusion fittings for Gas, Water and Sewer.

All Mill-Pro supplied pipes and pressure fittings fully comply with BS EN 12201 and the Water Services Department (WSD) PS Appendix 22.09 "Specification for Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings" PS Appendix 22.09.



Mill-Pro is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in New Zealand. Our PE pipes and fittings are warehoused in Hong Kong. Read more about our business structure


Mill-Pro water pipes are manufactured under license in an exclusive partnership with a world-leading polyethylene manufacturer. Established in 1984 they are a global pioneer in Polyethylene pipe, installing one of the first 1600 OD pipe extrusion lines in 1996. The quality reputation is second to none with a 248,000m2 manufacturing footprint and capacity of 40,000mt/pa.

Mill-Pro supplies a full range of blue, purple or purple solid wall PE100 RC polyethylene pressure pipes for water networks from 20 to 1600mm OD and black PE pipe up to 2000mm OD.  We manufacture a full range of moulded blue fittings spigot up to DN250 and fabricated fittings up to DN 2500 (DN/OD 2800mm).

Type Test Approvals

Engineers can click here to review a list of the various third party tests reports and documents that are required to be submitted by all suppliers according to PS Appendix 22.09, Clause 8.

We hold independent third party Type Testing certification under the Hong Kong Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA), for all our PE pipes & fittings. The links below can be used to verify our various testing laboratory's MRA accreditation and confirm that the testing laboratory we have engaged has the required test standards listed in within their accreditation scope. (ie: The lab is certified to perform the tests required in PS Appendix 22.09)

HOKLAS MRA Partners list (shortcut to list on HOKLAS web site)

HOKLAS MRA Partners (view the MRA partners list.pdf)

Pipes & spigot fittings

Our pipes, spigot fittings and purple compound are certified by RISE Research Institute of Sweden who are accredited by SWEDAC, Swedens National Accreditation body. Click on the links to view the RISE scope of accreditation on the SWEDAC website or download the scope from our site with standards highlighted below.

SWEDAC - RISE Accreditation scope (shortcut to download page at SWEDAC)

SWEDAC - RISE Accreditation (Download RISE Accreditation with standards highlighted.pdf)

Slow Crack Growth (SCG) testing of PE100 RC pipes

Our pipes are certified as being a true PE100 RC compound by Hessel Engineering GmbH. Hessel are currently the only testing body accredited to perform accelerated FNCT testing to PAS 1075 as required in PS Appendix 22.09 Clauses: for pipes and 11.1.1 for site testing. Click on the links below to view the Hessel scope of accreditation from the DAKKS website.

DAKKS - Hessel Accreditation scope (Shortcut to download directly from DAKKS)

DAKKS - Hessel Accreditation scope (Download Hessel accreditation with standards highlighted.pdf)

Electrofusion fittings

Our Electrofusion fittings are certified by OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH of Austria and are accredited by Akkreditierung Austria, Austria's National Accreditation body. Click on this link to Akkreditierung Austria scroll down and click on the link "Testing Laboratories / Prufstellen (PDF, 1MB)" and in that PDF document search for OFI Technologies & Innovation to find a link to their scope or direct download from AA or our site below.

AA - OFI Accreditation scope (Shortcut to download pdf directly from AA)

AA - OFI Accreditation scope (Download OFI accreditation with standards highlighted.pdf)


World Leading Technology

Mill-Pro introduced a world-first for Polyethylene pipe, permanently marked QR codes repeating at 1m intervals in conjunction with standard pipe marking and 40-character traceability bar codes. These QR codes feature two-dimensional data coding and when used in conjunction with the Mill-Pro Apps provide BIM & GIS integration data for material management and accurately recording the manufacturing traceability details of every fitting and every meter of pipe installed.

These codes allow pipes and fittings to be audited in real-time on-site by installing the free Mill-Pro iOS or Android App (Under Development).

Pipe Marking