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Friatec Electrofusion Couplers

Mill-Pro partners with FRIATEC, part of the Aliaxis Group, to offer the world’s leading electrofusion (EF) couplers and fittings.

Founded in 1863, Friatec developed the world’s first electrofusion couplers in 1979 for joining PE gas pipes. Friatec remains the world leader in electro-fusion fittings for water, wastewater and gas.

The Frialen product range has an outstanding reputation in Hong Kong since 2006.  Friatec couplers have the lowest failures rates, both short and long term when compared to any other coupler available in Hong Kong, by a significant margin.  A recent project in Hong Kong installed ~2000pcs of 400 OD couplers, less than 0.2% of the couplers failed during testing (failures due to either product or installation problems), this compares with our competitor's failure rates of up to 20%.  These reliability rates save contractors significant cost.

From their world-class automated manufacturing facilities in Mannheim Germany, Friatec offers the worlds largest range of electrofusion fittings, tools, accessories and welding machines to provide a complete electro-fusion solution for joining PE Pipes and fittings.

View a short video on the installation method for Electrofusion couplers here

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