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Mill-Pro represents the WorldPoly range of butt welding machines.  These machines address the critical factors in welding machines, hot plate heat consistency and capacity, German hydraulic and electric components to ensure no losses in applied pressure during the welding and cooling phases across the entire size range.

Fully Automatic Machines

Fully automatic hydraulically operated butt welding machines completely remove operator error and create high levels of butt weld consistency on site. These machines comply to the requirements of WIS 4-32-08 issue 4 and ISO 21307 and do not require operator input during the entire heating & welding phases to install or remove the heating plate. Equipment includes data logging equipment to EN 12176.

Semi Automatic Machines

Semi-automatic hydraulically operated butt-welding machines suitable for PE pipes and fittings. Engineered design and construction provides a premium machine for welding on site.