Odour Abatement Device

OAD (Odour Abatement Devices), also know as Odour Control Device or Odour Management Device.  These are Polyethylene inserts with Activated Charcoal filter cartridges. They drop inside standard Hong Kong 600mm Square or split manhole frame (DS 1077 A) to absorb foul gas (H2S) that is released from Air valves, during the operation of sewerage rising mains.

The principal is a replaceable cartridge that is filled with a special activated carbon to absorb the smells specific to H2S gas. The Mill-Pro OAD is designed with the following features:

  • Rain Guard - to protect the Activated Carbon from being saturated by surface water leaking into the chamber
  • Expansion Bag - absorbs pressure changes in the chamber to reduce media depletion
  • Media protection valve - prevents the activated Charcoal from being continually depleted due to constant gas exposure.  
  • High Pressure bypass valve - allows immediate vent to atmosphere when filling the pipeline so as not to damage the media
  • > 12 months before cartridge replacement.

Below are some typical installation example of OAD in use in below ground pipelines


THIS AREA IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Please contact us for more information