Concrete PE Repair Landing

Agru Hydroclick

System Overview and Benefits

Hydroclick is a rehabilitative non-spray concrete protective liner manufactured with high-quality NSF/ANSI 61 certified HDPE resin using ultramodern technology. Hydroclick offers fast, efficient, and cost-effective rehabilitation of water tanks for the prompt availability of clean water. The liner boasts minimal downtime for installation and maintenance as well as a 50-year life expectancy. Hydroclick was developed in cooperation with ETERTUB AG, a Swiss company with 30-years of experience in potable water applications ranging from the capture of natural springs to water storage. By combining AGRU’s ability in geosynthetic manufacturing with ETERTUB AG’s experience in water storage and capture, Hydroclick melds multiple benefits to perfectly suit applications in potable water storage.


• Fast and easy installation

• Minimal maintenance requirements

• Suitable for high-pressure conditions

• Welded for watertight construction

• Smooth surface prevents deposits

• Resistant to microorganisms

• Long life expectancy

• Corrosion Resistant