Project Hopewell Centre II

Hopewell Centre II

Due to the development of Hopewell Centre II, an upgrade of the sewer drainage system between Queens road East and Johnson road along Ship Street was required. The upgrade of the sewer pipes in Ship Street was problematic as it is a busy one-way street and highly congested below the roads surface with other services.

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Project Sham Mong Road

Sham Mong Road

A Gravity stormwater upgrade was required after completion of the new C.C.C Mongkok Church Kai Oi School on Sham Mong Road in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

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Project Stanley Link Rd

Stanley Link Road

An entrustment works project for the HK Drainage Services Department, the main contractor China Harbour Engineering sub contracted the work to install a DN 225 sewer connection to a new building and to upgrade the subsequent man hole and DN 300 pipe connection to the DSD main sewer at the beach in Stanley.

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Project Stubbs Rd Sewer

Stubbs Road – Sewer

The existing site collection chamber had a cast iron spigot.  This had to be re connected to an existing sewer chamber at a lower level.  A PE-DI transition fitting with a rubber ring seal and puddle flange was used to connect onto the cast iron spigot.

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Project Stubbs Rd

Stubbs Road – 800 OD

The developer Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited sub contracted the drainage work to Chun Lee Engineering Co Ltd to install a DN 700 (800 OD) PE Stormwater connection from the site to a street manhole and into a DSD culvert in Stubbs road under an entrustment project for HK Drainage Services Department (DSD).

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Project Hastings WW Outfall

Hastings, New Zealand

Mill-Pro was awarded the pipe supply contract by Solo Plastics for the replacement of the existing 300m long 1000/900mm diameter fibreglass diffuser with a 900mm OD PE diffuser at the Hastings WWTP at East Clive, New Zealand.

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